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Air Duct Cleaning Montebello
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Read about our useful air duct cleaning tips and more below.

How to avoid losing energy

The basic reason why you lose energy at home is the damaged air ducts. HVAC maintenance is also important but if the air ducts are not sealed, the air will escape through gaps and holes and never reach your home. Thus, air duct repair is your priority.

How to clean air ducts

Although you can hardly reach all points of air ducts, you can still clean dirt concentrated at the parts behind the vent cover. You'll just have to remove the covers and clean filthiness with a wet sponge. For more efficient air duct cleaning, contact our specialists in Montebello.

Choose pets that shed minimally

If you’re a pet lover, but you also don’t have the time to regularly clean the air duct, choose a pet that does not shed as much fur. Animal fur is among the major causes of debris buildup in the air ducts. If you have the time and patience to regularly groom your pet, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

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