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Frequently asked questions about air ducts and how to maintain them can be found here. Are you wondering which tools will be needed for air duct cleaning? Learn more about air duct cleaning and whether your indoor temperatures are affected by their bad condition.

What tools will I need for air duct cleaning?

If you are determined to carry out air duct cleaning on your own, make sure to use the vacuum cleaner in order to remove the dirt but you must also have a bucket full of water and a sponge to wipe clean the ducts and remove every sign of dirt and mold.

Are the temperatures at home affected by dirty ducts?

Whether air ducts are dirty or not will not affect the temperatures produced by the HVAC unit as much as cracked ducts. Air duct cleaning will reinforce the power and efficiency of the unit but the experts of our business in Montebello insist on air duct repair. Otherwise, air leakage will compromise the temperatures.

Will a clean air duct make my home clean as well?

Air ducts allow the easy circulation of air inside the building. If the air is dirty, the rest of the house may share the dirt. This means that if the air ducts are dirty, the air that flows in it catches the dust and dirt and spreads it across the house.

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