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Usual Air Duct Problems in Commercial Establishments

02/05/2014 Back To Blog

The absence of HVAC maintenance, cleaning and repair in a house will affect the homeowners but the contaminated indoor air in an office building or shopping mall will affect the lives of thousands of people, who either work in there or visiting the place. Besides, HVAC systems work non-stop in commercial establishments and it is natural that they would need more frequent repairs and maintenance. The chances of wearing down early are greater and good inspections, the fixing of certain problems, and HVAC unit cleaning will prolong their lives.Usual Air Duct Problems in Commercial Establishments

Learn to distinguish the symptoms

• Customers and employees are complaining for bad odors, bad ventilation of the place and health problems.
• There is too much dust on furniture and in the air.
• You spend more on energy consumed.
• HVAC unit repair and maintenance are needed more frequently.
• People are complaining about the temperatures. It is either too hot or too cold.

Deal with the problems immediately

Cleaning well and repairing the damages of the HVAC unit are both extremely important procedures. In fact, the condenser unit cleaning is equally significant since it gets filthier sooner. On the other hand, all the above problems are a result of dirty air ducts and their good cleaning is tremendously important, if you want all these problems to disappear. The best air duct cleaning would need your attention, time and equipment. Air ducts cover huge distances in big commercial buildings and it is hard to detect the possible damages and the dirty spots.

Air duct sanitizing is an extremely significant procedure and these branching tubes must also be checked for cracks, which must be sealed, and their insulation efficiency. Old ones might lack completely insulation materials or they might have been ruined over the years. In this case, air duct coating repair is required but the ducts in commercial places must also be checked for their proper installation. If air is travelling too long to get to your office, you would definitely lose energy. Hence, air duct matters must be taken seriously because eventually they will cost you a great deal in many levels!

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