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Understanding the Effects of Air Duct Cleaning

02/05/2014 Back To Blog

Many people are concerned when they need to go into hospital or travel on public transport because of breathing in germs. However the reality is that the indoor air quality home owners are breathing can actually contain more germs and bacteria than any hospital room or train car. Many people think air duct cleaning is only for big office buildings with thousands of people working in them, but many residential homes are in desperate need of an air duct cleaning service, since contaminants are building up in the ducts which will then be re-circulated in the atmosphere inside the home.Understanding the Effects of Air Duct Cleaning

Is It Really All That Bad?

Research indicates that the atmosphere in some homes can have up to five times more contaminants than outside. The duct system provides the perfect humid conditions to allow bacteria to grow. The debris which builds up can consist of dust, dead skin cells, pet hair and other types of particles can provide a food source for mold, mildew and viruses. Particles of these contaminants can then circulate through the ducts and vents of your home. This can cause a number of nasty medical conditions including breathing difficulties, headaches, allergic reactions and difficulty sleeping.

How Often Should Ducts be cleaned?

Air duct cleaning Montebello recommends that most homes have ventilation cleaning every three to five years. This depends on how many people live in the home, the size of ventilation system and other factors. You can prolong cleaning by ensuring that you regularly vacuum throughout your home using a sealed vacuum bag. This can prevent the dust and debris from re-entering the system. You should also replace air duct filter or filters regularly using manufacturer recommended filters. These provide the optimum fit for your system to prevent excess particles from entering the system. You should also ensure that every filter holder has a filter to maximize the effectiveness.

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