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The Basics of Dryer Duct Cleaning

03/20/2014 Back To Blog

The importance of dryer duct cleaning is undisputable. Lint build-up and other debris pieces have to be removed from the entire system taking the exhaust air out of the machine on a regular basis. Otherwise, you risk the overheating of the unit. It may even go on fire which can spread to the entire building. In fact, about 15,000 fires are caused by blocked dryer ducts every year. You would not want to become part of the statistics. You need to take effective prevention measures right away.Dryer Vent Cleaning 24/7 Services


Cleaning Frequency and Methods


Dryer air duct cleaning has to be done once a year in most cases. If the appliance is used daily, more frequent cleaning will be required. This is recommended for commercial dryers used in the hospitality industry. It is best if a cleaning schedule is established. That way, you will never have to worry about missing a cleaning and exposing people to risk.


There are different methods for dryer vents cleaning. Vacuuming is a widely used method. The lint is suctioned with a great force. The use of a specially designed tool with an appropriate nozzle is required. Compressed air is also used for the cleaning. It is quite powerful and can get dirt out even from the narrowest of crevices. It has to be applied precisely and with great care since it can easily blow the dirt into the wrong direction.


It is also possible for a specially designed spinning ball to be run through the duct. This method for cleaning a dryer vent is typically used when there is a big object such as a bird's nest blocking the vent completely. It can also help for getting rid of sticky dirt accumulations which are hard to remove otherwise.


Finally, it is important for the cleaning to be accompanied by a thorough inspection of the dryer ductwork. In this way, any damage will be identified timely and dryer vent repair will be made right away.

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